We design places for people. It’s people who have always been at the centre of everything we do.

We believe that design is a vital force in improving the quality of life.Architecture creates places where people can meet and relate, places where simple ideas blend with complex building solutions.

We believe in team work. Each team member is a key player in making design concepts reality and all the designers on our team bring creative talent, cultural diversity, and expertise to what they design.

Ours is a workshop approach. We are driven by the relentless pursuit of quality. Attention to fine detail and dialogue marks every stage of every project.

Architecture and interior design is our craft. Levity and elegance our hallmark. These two obsessions have made our work unique and unmistakable. Because the finished product is only the end point in a long and complex process of organic growth.

We implement the project step by step, at every stage and level, monitoring all aspects of function and construction. Our modus operandi is multidisciplinary, based on research, innovation and sustainability.

We bring not only technical expertise but also passion to our work, driven by the desire to embrace new forms of living.

Enrico Bergamini

Chief Architect

Valentina Guerzoni

Project Manager

Marco Cioni

Project Manager